Published Date: 31-03-2017

DOI: 10.24128/IJRAER.2017.Z67st

Author(s) :

Sushil Bajirao Patil, Shubham Vinod Patil, Sandip Vilasrao Shinde, Swapnil Narayan Pawar, Sawan Kumar

Volume/Issue :
Volume 3 / Issue 3 (03-2017)
Abstract :

Water leakage is one of the serious causes of common building defects. Water leakage leads to dampness, corrosion of metals, fungal growth and also affects the structural properties of concrete as well as damage the aesthetic view of the structures. It also has an adverse effect on human health by creating unpleasant condition. If water leakage is prevented, almost 80% building defects can be eliminated. In construction, a building or structure can be prevent water leakage with the use of membranes and coatings to protect contents and structural integrity. The strength parameter gets adversely affected because of water leakages. The objective of this study is to analyze the depreciation in strength caused because of water leakage. Further the study is to be focused on selecting an appropriate method to avoid the leakage. Various methods are to be critically examined and a most economical and most appropriate method is selected for repairing the leakage. Strength parameters [using Rebound Hammer method] are again checked after the remedial measures are executed comparative results before and after applying the remedial measures are to be analyzed.

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