Better Packet Scheduling Scheme For Wireless Communication

Published Date: 31-10-2016

DOI: 10.24128/IJRAER.2017.HI01ab

Author(s) :

Poonam Chandaliya

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2 / Issue 10 (10-2016)
Abstract :

Remote Sensor Network is a gathering of spatially scattered and committed sensor hubs to screen and record the physical state of the earth. The hub has the restricted battery lifetime. Parcel planning or undertaking booking assumes a critical part in WSN w ith a specific end goal to keep up decency in light of need of the information and to decrease the end to end delay. Existing parcel booking calculation utilized were First Come First Served (FCFS), Preemptive, Non - Preemptive. In this paper Bit Rate grou ping with Dynamic multilevel need bundle planning plan is proposed. To counteract stop circumstance edge esteem check instrument is additionally proposed at need level this plan will diminish the end to end information transmission delay keeping in mind th e end goal to keep up the battery life time of the Wireless Sensor Network.

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