Published Date: 31-12-2015

DOI: 10.24128/IJRAER.2017.BC9fg

Author(s) :

Anandita Trivedi

Volume/Issue :
Volume 1 / Issue 1 (01-2015)
Abstract :

This white paper is intended to describe the technology trends indigital libraries, discuss key issues ''''' involved in digital library imple-mentation, and provide profiles of some of today’s leading digitallibrary programs. As one of the leading technology providers tolibraries, museums, and the educational community, Sun Micro-systems has played a key role in the evolution of digital librariesaround the world and is pleased to support their continued develop-ment. Sun Microsystems will continue to support the library and museumcommunities as they explore new and evolving information tech-nology (IT) architectures. Sun is also committed to fostering thesharing of best practices among institutions and increasing the cross-fertilization of commercial and library/museum-specific solutions.

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